Basic Principles

If you have any questions, complaints or problems with the goods received, please contact us at email We will be happy to help find a solution to the problems.

You have the right to cancel the purchase of a product without giving reasons within 14 days (does not apply to virtual products such as e-books and audiobooks).

In order to exercise the right of withdrawal, the following conditions must be met:

To preserve the commercial appearance of the product as well as the original packaging; (does not apply to virtual products such as e-books and audiobooks)

There should be no traces of use; (does not apply to virtual products such as e-books and audiobooks)

Mention the order number or include the original invoice;

The transport costs for returning the printed edition of a book are at your expense.

You must notify us via an explicit application sent by email to in free text.

We will refund the nominal price of the book without the cost of delivery of the printed edition as per order conditions.

Refunds shall be made upon receipt of the goods or upon proof that the goods have been dispatched.

The goods should be returned within 14 days from the application of the refusal to the address: 91 Vtori Yuni Str., 13th floor, apt. 50, Vratsa 3000.

The right of withdrawal shall not be applicable for the supply of sealed goods which have been unsealed after delivery and cannot be returned for reasons of hygiene or health protection.

During the withdrawal period you can request a replacement of the delivered goods. Transport costs for replacement in both directions will be at your expense.

After accepting the returned item, we will contact you to confirm the next steps.

For the general conditions of use of the website and e-shop, please read here.